Living a natural and sustainable life – easily!

Our mission is to make it easier to live a more natural and sustainable life that benefits not only ourselves, but also the planet. All Natural no-chemical home and body products made with essential oils.

Summer Essential: Mozzie Mist launched!

Meet the most effective mosquito repellent – based on newly found scientific research.  It not only contains high concentrations of the more traditional essential oils used to repel mosquitoes, but also two brand new ingredients that the world is only now waking up to. And it lasts up to 12 hours!

No other insect repellent product in South Africa contains these new ingredients or comes anywhere close to our Fynemist Mosquito Repellent…and we did a lot of research!

Read about it here…

Fynemist Mosquito Repellent photo with yellow lotus flower

We were in the Tuis / Home magazine!

Fynemist Pre-Toilet sprays featured in Tuis / Home magazine

Our Fynemist Pre-Toilet Prevention sprays were chosen to feature in the What’s New category of the Tuis / Home magazine! We are so honoured that our products were selected! 

A whole new way to treat odours – spray our Pre-toilet Prevention sprays directly into the water in the toilet bowl – yes, that is right! Prevention is better than cure…

Read more about the feature on our testimonials page.

You can also visit with Barbara on our Pre-toilet spray page and she will explain to you how to use them! Check it out, she is quirky!

How can we help you to live a more natural sustainable life?

We assist you on your sustainable healthy journey with two 100% natural, chemical-free and heavenly scented product ranges. As Fynemists are eco-friendly, recyclable, and sustainable, you can be confident that you are not only protecting your family, you are protecting our planet. Let us introduce you to our current products that will help you to easily live a more natural and sustainable life:

Products in the pipeline:

  • Cold Sore / Fever Blister serum
Professional photo of All Embracing Fynemist for a natural sustainable life

How our natural and sustainable journey started...

Our journey started years ago before we knew each other. 

You can read more about us, our journey and why it is important on our About Us page. 

Our products tick all the boxes

  • They are effective and cost effective – they really work and do the job better than chemical alternatives – give it a try – we know you will love them
  • They are 100% natural – containing no toxic chemicals, no aerosols, no synthetic fragrances, no parabens, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, no colourants, no preservatives and no synthetic emulsifiersAnd that is why you have to shake the bottles: It’s your proof that there are no chemicals added!
  • They are based on solid scientifc research – not claims made up by essential oil companies. 
  • The ingredients and packaging are locally sourced where possible, with the furthest being from Madagascar. Our products are locally made in Stellenbosch – keeping your and our carbon footprint as small as possible. 

Our products are:

  • Not tested on animals and contain no animal products – in fact, they are totally vegan
  • 100% palm oil free
  • Completely biodegradable – leaving no chemical trace on the land or in the oceans – safe to use in your septic tank
  • Packaged in glass containers locally sourced in Stellenbosch that can be reused, re-filled, re-purposed or recycled – we are working on our own refilling option – another reason to keep in touch with us
  • Designed, researched, produced, marketed…by us – If it’s good enough for our families, you can bet your flower garden it will be good enough for you
  • Uniquely, classically and sophisticatedly branded to fit in every home, office and guest facility
  • Exceptionally fragrant! All natural essential oils with no whiff of chemicals – no sickly synthetic smells here!
  • Essential oil based, with therapeutic uses such as mood enhancement, anxiety, stress relief, and so much more
  • Available in two sizes – one for the home (200ml) and one for your handbag, rucksack or day pack (the perfect travel size 50ml)
  • Packaged in cardboard and filled with compostable straw – you can reuse the straw as mulch in your garden.

Once you use a Fynemist, you will never go back to a chemical counterpart!

Welcome to a more natural sustainable life!

Hand Sanitizer on red tray for natural sustainable life
Ylang-Ylang Fynemist on Lily leaf in water for a natural sustainable life
Fynemist hand sanitizer photo with yellow flowers for a natural sustainable life
natural sustainable life fynemist in orange and yellow wild flowers

This is one of those products that, once you have tried it, you will never go back. Not only is the quality of the product excellent but it is also user-friendly.  My children learned how to use it very quickly.  I would highly recommend it. 

Linda Raubenheimer

Best hand sanitizer on the market. Leaves my skin soft and does not dry out my nails/cuticles. Smells lovely,, no harsh alcohol smell. Perfect alcohol contents – I know it has enough time to kill all the bad stuff before the alcohol evaporates! We need smart products, like Fynemists, to help protect our loved ones from the nasty bacteria out there.  

Jolanda Smith @jol_smith

When I got my first bottle of Fynemist, I thought… Well, I wonder if it is as good as I want it to be. AND IT IS!!! My bathroom is now ALWAYS fresh and smells wonderful. For the first time, I do not sneeze when I spray an air freshener or purifier and the smell is soft, fresh, and makes me feel good! Fynemists are not part of my life! 

Bettina Rheeder

So, Let's do it!

Let’s live healthier – rather than toxins, breath natural uplifting scents

Let’s live consciously – rather than thoughtlessly doing, think about each decision

Let’s live sustainably – rather than throwing out, reuse, repurpose and recycle

Let’s save the earth – rather than chemicals, use natural products

Let’s save the ocean – rather than plastic, use glass or metal

Let’s lessen our carbon footprint – rather buy local than imported