3 Must have products for 2021

3 Must-have-products for 2021 A huge trend this year is the great migration from chemical products to all things natural.  People want to start living a healthier life for them and their families. Today, we want to showcase for you 3 must-have products for 2021 that will help you to live healthier. We have noticed

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Brides to Be Tip!

Brides to Be! Tip! Our tip to you: Pack your travel-size Fynemist ‘before you go’ pre-toilet prevention spray into your toiletry bag to keep the mystery on your honeymoon! How does a Fynemist pre-toilet spray work? Before you go for a number 2, spray 5 sprays into the loo. No unpleasant whiff will escape into

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Let us make the earth cleaner and a more natural place for all to enjoy, for generations to come.  We can make a difference by adopting eco-friendly habits like these: Read the labels before you buy: Choose chemical-free home and beauty products. Insist on natural products for the sake of our planet

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Natural healing with essential oils

Natural Healing with essential oils Essential oils are nature’s own healing and perfume garden.  They are extracted from the flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds, or peel from plants during a distillation process that turns the ‘essence’ of the plants into the concentrated liquid that we call ‘essential oil’ and use for natural healing. We

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