Hand Sanitizer with orange flowers

Be careful: Germs and Plumes on the Loose!

Now, more than ever before, we are aware of the importance of being protected from viral, bacterial, and other infections. Germs lurk everywhere, in your home, in the office, in the shops, on strangers, and even on your friends! We resist the urge to hug, wear masks, sanitize our hands constantly, and check our distance from our shoppers in the queue. So now we’ve ticked off all the boxes to keep those pesky germs away from us, right?

Wrong! Have you ever heard of “toilet plumes”?  This is not talked about often, as a matter of fact, not many people know what this even means, or the health risks attached to it. When flushing the toilet, a cloud of aerosol droplets can rise nearly 3 feet from the toilet bowl. This is called a toilet plume. Those droplets land on surfaces in the bathroom and linger in the air long enough to be inhaled by a shared toilet’s next user.  This is a major health risk. We now have growing scientific evidence that the coronavirus can be passed not only through respiratory droplets, but through virus-laden feces, too.  This means that every visit to a shared bathroom can be contagious and this is another major health risk for you and your family.
So what can you do to prevent virus-laden aerosol droplets from escaping from the loo? And secondly, what do you do when you enter a shared bathroom (be it at the office, in a public bathroom, or communal accommodation bathrooms)? The complete solution for safe and sanitary bathroom visits is the Fynemist “Before You Go Pre-toilet Prevention Spray”. It is a multi-use mist that not only takes the embarrassment of taking nature’s call by fragrancing the air, it sanitizes the environment, and protects your health.
Let’s go through the two Fynemists methods you can easily incorporate into your life to protect your health.
1. The Proactive Method:
The first thing you do when you go to the loo is to spritz the Fynemist on the toilet seat and wipe it with toilet paper. This multipurpose mist has antiseptic ingredients to sanitize the toilet seat and stops the spreading of germs.
Next step, spritz 5 sprays into the toilet bowl before you get seated for a number 2. The Fynemist creates a barrier in the toilet water that prevents bad odours, and crucially, airborne viral and bacteria plumes, from escaping.
Step 3, emerge from the toilet confidently, with a lingering natural scent of essential oils wafting behind you.  Now you’ve paid it forward for the next user to use the bathroom and stay germ-free, whiff-free, and healthy. like you.
2. The Intervention Method:
What if you walk into a facility and there’s a bad odour in the air?  You know the dangers lurking in unpleasant whiffs, so you take action. Take out your Fynemist (the handy 50ml/travel size is perfect to keep in your pocket or bag and have on hand wherever you may go), and spritz it into the air to sanitize and protect you from any lingering germs. Then move on to the Proactive Method when you have to step into the loo to have a number two.