Living the green and healthy lifestyle: 3 tips for a green Christmas

Living the green and healthy lifestyle: 3 tips for a green Christmas

Green Christmas Decorations suggestion photo
So here are our tips for a green Christmas for you.


1. Festive green decor:

Say no to plastic. Make your own Christmas bling, or buy locally made wooden, glass, pottery or recycled decorations. You can use a recyclable, re-usable glass bowl, wooden stand, branches or dried plants to showcase your painted pine cones, wooden angels and stars.
2. Locally made products are green gifts:
Spread the love and make your support and approval of locally made products known when you give your friends and family presents made in South Africa. We don’t need goods that are shipped from afar when we have the goods right here on our doorstep. 
3.  Gifts that are good for you
Give useful gifts, like personal and home products that you know the recipient can use. But please check that your presents don’t contain harmful chemicals. Be safe and gift natural plant-based products, like Fynemists. Let others go the natural and healthy route, like you 🙂
Gift ideas include
  • The Fynemists travel trio, ideally sized 50ml to fit in your bag. Included in the trio are:
        • a Pre-toilet prevention spray** to leave the shared and public holiday bathrooms smelling clean and fresh,
        • a Hand Sanitizer to cleanse, protect and nourish**,
        • a Facial Toning Mist to refresh, moisturize and enhance.**
  • Mozzie Mists from Fynemists are great stocking fillers. Summer holidays and mosquitoes go hand in hand so this is a super handy gift. Your loves ones will be happily spraying  themselves with these non-toxic, long lasting all natural mosquito repellent sprays!
Please take a minute to read all about it on , like how we came up with our uniquely effective mozzie repellent botanical formula!

**The essential oils in Fynemists are

…. specifically chosen for their antiseptic and health enhancing properties,

… grown and harvested in Southern Africa.

#nontoxic #vegan #nochemicals 
Have an awesome #earthfriendly #healthy Christmas.  
The Fynemist team.

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