Menopause and night sweats getting you down?

Our New Meno Mist is here to help!

Photo of Menopuase and night sweat relief Meno Mist in White Arum Lily

Around one billion women will be going through menopause by 2025. We peri- and menopausal women experience a variety of health-related symptoms, due to hormonal changes. Whether you suffer from night sweats or hot flashes (or flushes!), we can help.

Symptoms of menopause also include trouble sleeping, irregular menstruation, cramping, mood swings, increased feelings of sadness, anxiety or depression. And as we all know, there is a lack of natural resources for us. Essential oils have unique qualities that may benefit physical, mental, emotional or spiritual changes. 

With this in mind we have developed our Toning Meno Mist to help treat the symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause, cooling our hot flashes and night sweats, whilst toning and firming the skin. We only included ingredients and essential oils that are supported by scientific research. If any of you are as obsessed with science and research as we are, please go and read about the science behind our ingredients on our blog. 

If you are experiencing the symptoms of peri-menopause or menopause, like us, you know the unwelcome feeling of sudden heat rushing upwards through your body, reddening your skin, especially on your  cheeks, neck and chest. These flushes are uncomfortable, leading to perspiration and a general feeling of anxiety. And then of course, there is the cousin…night sweats! The sudden attacks of heat and perspiration are produced by a drop in oestrogen levels that affect the hypothalamus, the body’s temperature regulator. Now, you are not only covered in sweat, but also awake – and since this generally happens a few times a night, you end up being tired as well.

Fynemist Meno Facial Mist is designed to help address these issues by:

  • Balancing your oestrogen levels

  • Cooling your hot flashes and night sweats

  • Toning and refreshing your skin

  • Decreasing stress and depression

  • Inducing a deeper sleep

  • Reducing menstrual pain and discomfort

  • Minimizing dysmenorrhoea (painful menstrual cramps) and PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome).


    • Clary Sage Essential Oil
    • Peppermint Essential Oil
    • Lavender Essential Oil
    • Geranium Essential Oil
    • Basil Essential Oil
    • Fennel Seed Oil
    • Rose Essential Oil
    • Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil
    • Thyme Essential Oil
    • Camphor Oil
    • Flax Seed Oil
    • Aloe Ferox Liquid Gel
    • Hempseed Oil
    • Soybean Oil
    • Witch hazel

    Those who want to understand more about the ingredients and the science behind them, please go and read about it on our blog. Follow the link here. 

    So, how do you use it?

    Keep a bottle in your purse and spray your Meno Mist directly onto your face (remember to keep your eyes closed!) and décolletage, rubbing it on the back of your neck, over and under your ears and on your pulse points and even the bottoms of your feet when you feel the heat rising. For menstrual cramps use it to massage the abdomen. 

    And remember to breath deeply – the oils not only work by physically cooling you down, but also through absorbtion into your skin and through your nose. 

    And of course, if you keep your Meno Mist in the fridge, it helps even more to bring your temperature down quickly!

    You can also help your symptoms further by wearing light clothing in natural materials, not drinking caffeine or alcohol and eating the edible ingredients in our Meno Mist such as Basil, Fennel, Thyme, Flax seed, Hemp seed, Soy beans (or their oils) and Aloe juice!

    (PS – If your Nozzle gets blocked, just wash it with hot wter and soap)



    Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) and fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) should not be used with oestrogen dependent cancers. Avoid using Clary Sage while drinking alcohol, and avoid while pregnant or nursing. Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) should not be used if epileptic. Not to be used with people with bleeding disorders or on blood thinners. For those on chronic medication, please consult with your healthcare professional first.

    Keep out of direct sunlight.