The most scientific and effective Mosquito Repellent

Fynemist Mosquito Repellent photo with yellow lotus flower

You have come to the right place to meet the most effective mosquito repellent – based on newly found scientific research. Our highly concentrated natural mosquito repellent is formulated according to newly released scientific research. It not only contains high concentrations of the more traditional essential oils used to repel mosquitoes, but also two brand new ingredients that the world is only now waking up to. And it lasts up to 12 hours!

No other insect repellent product in South Africa contains these new ingredients or comes anywhere close to our Fynemist Mosquito Repellent…and we did a lot of research!

The highly concentrated bouquet of natural botanical ingredients was not only chosen specifically to banish and kill the three species of mosquitoes we get in South Africa, but is also anti-septic and protective of your skin. 

It contains no chemicals, no toxic DEET or Picaridin that you find in traditional chemical mosquito repellents. You can read more on the toxicity of DEET here

Scientific research data shows that high concentrations of the effective oils has the greatest repellent and toxic effect on mosquito populations, and our formula is made according to these high standards. 

Our natural, concentrated formula with our two new secret ingredients are not only as effective as DEET and more than Picaridin, it is also totally safe to use, with no toxicity and lasts loooong!

However, it is still safest not to use essential oils on babies younger than 6 months, or on pregnant and breastfeeding mothers – just because studies are not available yet. 

Read what the scientists are saying about our ingredients

Here are a few lines from the latest study on one of our secret ingredients:

“It’s even better at discouraging ticks than DEET, picaridin or IR3535, and just as good at repelling mosquitoes, but safe enough to eat.” 

“… repels mosquitoes, ticks, bedbugs and fleas — and, in high concentrations, kills them…it may also be effective against lice, sandflies, midges and other pests, some of which can carry lethal diseases… can kill bugs that are resistant to DDT, pyrethroids and other common insecticides. Unlike citronella, peppermint oil, lemongrass oil and other repellents based on plant oils, it does not lose its potency after about an hour, but lasts as long as the synthetics.

How to use?

Just spray in your hand and wipe it over your skin!

Due to the fact that our formulation contains a wide variety of oils that strenghten each other, we could move away from that overwhelmingly strong smell of the traditionally used Citronella to a formulation that smells lovely –  fresh, uplifting and fruity!