Multipurpose sprays Spring Blossoms white
Multipurpose sprays Spring Blossoms white
Multipurpose sprays Spring Blossoms white
Multipurpose sprays Spring Blossoms white

Why do we call Fynemists pre-toilet prevention sprays “multipurpose sprays”?

Each multipurpose Fynemist scented blend is made up of a perfect combination of essential oils, containing top, middle, and base notes. The top (or head) notes are your first impression when you breathe in the scent. The tiny molecules quickly float away, making way for the middle notes to take centre stage. The middle (or heart) notes linger longer and give the scent it’s main body. Then it’s time for the heavy molecules in the base notes to anchor the perfume and add depth and richness to the blend.

Fynemists pre-toilet prevention sprays are available in six scented blends, each one chosen for its delightful fragrance combination, antiseptic and wellbeing enhancing properties. There is none of the chemical, synthetic “toilet spray” smell that you’ve come to know (and most probably, despise). Fynemists are naturally perfumed to enhance the air quality in every room, not only in the toilet.

Also in the mix are ingredients that form a barrier on the toilet water, preventing bad odours and germs from escaping from the loo.

The multipurpose Fynemist’s uses include:

1. Pre-toilet Prevention Spray:

The barrier oils form a film on the toilet water surface and block the bad odours and disease-causing organisms in the toilet. The essential oils neutralize whiffs and germs. It’s not a toilet spray that masks odours, it’s a toilet spray that prevents them!

Fun fact: Do you know how far the toilet sprays when you flush? Toilet plume/droplets containing stinky germs can spread up to 3 feet away in the air and on to surfaces. This is more than enough reason to use this pro-active and hygienic Fynemist ‘before you go’ toilet spray.

2. Room Spray:

The essential oils purify and fragrance the air. Again, it’s not a synthetic toilet spray odour masker, it’s a naturally perfumed spray that neutralizes whiffs and clean the air. You can spritz your Fynemist at home, in your guest house, office, shop, caravan, wherever you need to clear and fragrance the air.

3. Surface Disinfectant Spray:

The essential oils disinfect surfaces and restricts the transmission of germs. You can use your Fynemist as a toilet seat sanitizer spray by spritzing and then wiping the toilet seat with toilet paper before you sit down. The same applies to the toilet seat. For toilet spills on the floor, spritz and wipe with toilet paper to instantly sanitize.

4. Mask Refreshing Spray:

Freshen and fragrance your face mask with your Fynemist. The natural fragrance will linger on the mask, thus getting rid of stale smells. The antiseptic properties of the essential oils help to neutralize the germs that are trapped inside your mask. The wellbeing enhancing properties of the essential oils may uplift your mood and relieve stress.

5. Stale contained spaces:

Spritz your Fynemist in the dustbin, dishwasher, shower trap, cupboards, and sport shoes. Freshen up your suitcase or sports bag. Spritz five sprays to gently fragrance and get rid of unwanted smells in your car, caravan, trailer and tent.

6. Pet spill preventor and sanitizer

Discourage your pets from messing inside the house by spritzing on the floor. Pets will avoid areas where you’ve sprayed the surfaces. Sanitize pet spills by spritzing the spot and wiping dry with paper towels.

Now you know why we can rightly call Fynemists Pre-Toilet & Room Sprays “multipurpose sprays” and where you can buy them!

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