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New!! Mosquito Repellent!

Fynemist Mosquito Repellent photo with yellow lotus flower

Introducing our fourth product line! Our highly concentrated natural mosquito repellent formulated according to brand new scientic research. 

Special Travel Trio Gift Pack

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1x 50ml Citrus Pre-toilet Prevention Spray, 1 x 50ml Hand sanitizer, 1 x 50ml Facial Focus Mist Plus your Gift is a pure essential oil scented Plant Based Soap. We will add this to your holidayTravel Gift Pack.

1 x Citrus Scent Fynemist Pre-toilet Prevention Spray – 50ml/travel size. To learn more…
1 x Fynemists Essential oil scented alcohol based, moisturizing Hand Sanitizer – 50ml- travel size. To learn more…
1 x Facial Focus Fynemist – 50ml – travel size. To learn more…

Normal price: R346
On special for R296*


* with your essential oil scented bath soap included!

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