Why should I Trust Fynemists?

So, you think…Why should I trust Fynemists?  I do not know you! 

We cannot make you trust us, but we can promise you that we do everything with the utmost integrity and love for our Fynemist range of products and respect for our clients and the environment. 

Maybe if you get to know us and hear what others think, it will give you a little bit of trust in us – enough to give us a chance?

Featured in Tuis / Home magazine

Fynemist Pre-Toilet sprays featured in Tuis / Home magazine

Our Fynemist Pre-toilet Prevention sprays were chosen to be featured in the October/November 2021 issue of the Tuis / Home Magazine in the What’s New column. We are so proud that our products were selected for this honour! 

eCommerce National Challenge

You will not believe that the two of us, with no experience of eCommerce or entrepreneurship, came second in the National eCommerce Challenge of 2021! 

The judges were all gurus of eCommerce and here is what they had to say:

Allon Raiz – CEO of Raizcorp:Your products sound great!

Lwazi Wali – Angel investor and Founder of H(er)Q: “Love what you are selling!

Marek Zmyslowski – RTB House: “Great Product!

Andy Higgins – Marketing director of uAfrica.com and Founder of BidorBuy: “I think the business that has the most chance of success financially…is Fynemist. I think there is potential there. I love the African story and …feel I could make the biggest impact and success of that business.”

5 Star Google Reviews

We have only 5 star reviews on Google. 

Yes, there are not many yet, but we are new! 

Please add your review for us.

KFM 94.5 Biz Boost

On the 27th of May 2021 we featured on KFM’s The Flash Drive with Carl Wastie on their Biz Boost section. 

You can listen to the podcast here and wait for the cool Slogan Charl came up with!

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Reviews and comments from our customers

Fynemists' Before you go pre-toilet prevention sprays

THE BEST PRODUCT!!! It works! Fabulous smell! I love your products x  

Zani van Rensburg

Contact Five Fynemists on Granite rock Why should I trust Fynemists

What a wonderful breath of fresh air. We made the Lavender Luxury and All-Embracing Fynemists available to our guests and received many lovely remarks about this clever new product. Our honeymoon couple was most delighted. Regards from Mariette at Marloth Wild Fig Lodge and Studio.  

Mariette Venter

Contact Ylang-Ylang with pink lily Why should I trust Fynemists

Dear Barbara & Winnie, Sune and I bought 8 bottles of Fynemists as gifts for our girlfriends for our 12th-year girls’ weekend away at Riebeeck Kasteel. They were pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of your products and love the different fragrances. Thank you for making this an unforgettable fragranced weekend away. 

Kotie Bezuidenhout

Brides Orange Blossom in pink bush Why should i trust Fynemists

Baie dankie vir ‘n wonderlike produk wat regtig werk, sal nooit weer iets anders kan gebruik nie. Smells divine and all the other smells disappear. Luv the product! 

Anna-Marie Breedt

Photos of Rose Fynemists and soap with pink roses - throw away toilet fresheners

Great produk wat ons nou almal gaan gebruik!

Juliana Rossouw @julesfootprints

White blossom in tree Why should I trust Fynemists

Ek is baie tevrede met die Fynemists. Dis alles baie lekker geure. Dit is baie effektief en dit ruik heerlik! Dit is baie baie goeie goed, dis die beste, jy kry nie iets beters vir’n toilet spray of room spray nie. Dis is regtig waar baie effektief. Ek gebruik baie lekker daaraan. Dit gaan ook vir my verder as ander produkte, so dit hou langer. 

Anelle van Reenen @anellevanreenen

Why should i trust fynemists Large Rose Fynemist pre-toilet spray with white roses

Fynemists pre-toilet spray REALLY works!. I use it before and after, in case the next one forgets. All of the sprays smell divine, although Rose Petal is my favourite. I definitely recommend the pocket size for those uncomfortable moments at work or when visiting. 

Jacolene Lombaard @jacolenelombaard

why should i trust fynemists Citrus Scent Fynemist at the sea

So happy with the amazing sample I received from Fynemists. The customer service is impeccable and the product is out of this world. Can’t wait to place my order and tell everyone about them! 

Emma Loubser

why should i trust fynemists Large Orange Blossom Fynemist with orange flowers

I cannot say enough about this product… A few sprays in the toilet bowl before taking a number 2 will keep all smells at bay, without the horrible chemical smell of normal toilet sprays. I also use it as an air freshener all over the house and the handy travel bottle in the car. Awesome product!!! 

Harriet Fowler

why should i trust fynemists Large Rose Petal Fynemist with white flowers

Julle produkte is fantasties! Fynemists is ‘n groot sukses. 

Jeanine Bredenkamp

Why should i trust fynemists Lavender Luxury Fynemist with purple flowers

I am obsessed! I have one downstairs but need one upstairs. I am definitely addicted to my Lavender Fynemist! 

Rozenda Hendrickse @rozendaforbes

Why should I trust Fynemists Lavender Luxury Fynemist with purple flowers

When I got my first bottle of Fynemist, I thought… Well, I wonder if it is as good as I want it to be. AND IT IS!!! My bathroom is now ALWAYS fresh and smells wonderful. For the first time, I do not sneeze when I spray an air freshener or purifier and the smell is soft, fresh, and makes me feel good! Fynemists are now part of my life! 

Bettina Rheeder

Why should i trust fynemists Large and Small Citrus Scent Fynemist pre-toilet spraywith lemons

Dit ruik so so lekker!! 

Hanli Brink @hanlibrink

Why should i trust fynemists Frankincense Fynemist in tree

It’s Stunning. 

Alison Faure @alifaurearts

Why should i trust fynemists Large and small Citrus Scent at the sea

Wat ‘n wonderlike produk!!! 

Petra Mans @petramansartist

Why should i trust fynemists Ylang-Ylang Fynemist at the Botanical Garden Pond

My Fynemist is simply fabulous. It has a beautiful smell and leaves the bathroom smelling clean and fresh. It is such a pleasure to walk into my bathroom that smells wonderful, and it lasts for hours! I am afraid that I will never be able to use any other air freshener/toilet spray ever again! 

Elma Coetzee

Why should i trust fynemists Rose PEtal Fynemist with pink Rose

This is one of those products that, once you have tried it, you will never go back. Not only is the quality of the product excellent but it is also user-friendly.  My children learned how to use it very quickly.  I would highly recommend it. 

Linda Raubenheimer

Why should I trust fynemists Fynemists between white, yellow and orange spring flowers for a natural sustainble life

Signature scent Hand sanitizers

Ek sal voortaan geen ander hand sanitizer as ‘n Fynemist hand sanitizer kan gebruik nie. 

Nini Bredenkamp

Why should i trust fynemists 5 small Fynemists on painting of Protea

Fynemists hand sanitizer is soft on your skin and nails. Add to that the lovely fragrance and I’ll never use another.  

Harriet Fowler

Why should i trust Fynemists Hand Sanitizer with Red Flowers

Best hand sanitizer on the market. Leaves my skin soft and does not dry out my nails/cuticles. Smells lovely,, no harsh alcohol smell. Perfect alcohol contents – I know it has enough time to kill all the bad stuff before the alcohol evaporates! We need smart products, like Fynemists, to help protect our loved ones from the nasty bacteria out there.  

Jolanda Smith @jol_smith

Why should I trust Fynemists hand sanitizer with yellow flowers