Reasons to throw away toilet fresheners, and embrace natural pre-toilet sprays

Reasons to throw away toilet fresheners, and embrace natural pre-toilet prevention sprays

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There are many reasons to throw away toilet fresheners, and embrace natural pre-toilet prevention sprays!  Not many people know that you can spray a product into the water of the toilet bowl and that it will prevent odours from escaping from the loo. We’re used to spraying synthetic toilet sprays after using the toilet. We all know they’re not effective, smell synthetic and yucky, and can be toxic, but do we know a better solution? Yes, the message is getting out there, we’re in the news, there’s growing awareness and consumers are starting to recognise and choose Fynemists for their bathrooms.

What are 4 of the main reasons to throw away toilet fresheners?

1. Being Pro-active vs. Reactive: Prevention is better than trying to ‘cure’

Fynemists: Spray into the loo before you answer the call of nature. Fynemists Pre-toilet Prevention Sprays prevent odours from escaping from the toilet bowl. Shake and spritz 5 sprays into the toilet bowl water – It forms a barrier locking odours in.

Synthetic Toilet Sprays: Spray into the air after you’ve done your business. The toilet spray will try and mask the odour, resulting in a synthetic fragrance with a toilet whiff attached. This is not a pleasant combination. Toilet sprays don’t do a proper job of preventing and/or neutralizing odours. That is one reason to throw away toilet fresheners!

2. Natural vs. Synthetic Fragrance

Fynemists are 100% naturally fragranced. and non-toxic. We use pure essential oils in pleasing combinations to provide natural, uplifting scents.

Most Toilet Sprays contain synthetic fragrances, resulting in those familiar and unpleasant ‘toilet spray fumes”. They smell artificial because they are artificial. You do get room sprays containing natural ingredients (always read the labels to make sure you’re getting the non-synthetic fragrances), but they are for clearing the air, not to prevent bad odours from entering into the air.

That is another reason to throw away toilet fresheners!

3. Good vs. bad for you

Fynemists’ ingredients are good for you!

– The essential oils in our products have antiseptic, antibacterial and wellbeing enhancing properties. Have a look at our blog Natural Healing with essential oils to find out more.

– Our products contain no harsh chemicals to harm you and your family, they’re pure, non-toxic, and plant based.

Synthetic Toilet Sprays don’t contain any wellbeing enhancing properties. In fact, quite the opposite is true. When last did you look at the lists of toxic ingredients contained in air fresheners?

One of the worst hazards are phthalates, which are released into the air where you may inhale them or absorb them through your skin. Once phthalates enter your bloodstream, they can cause health problems such as altering your hormone levels. Both plugin and spray air fresheners contain phthalates.

Now for the scary part: Even if you do read the label, you may not even find “phthalates” listed under the ingredients. A study conducted by the Natural Resources Defence Council (U.S.A.) tested 14 toilet sprays, of which 12 contained phthalates, and none of the products had “phthalates” on their labels’ ingredients lists! That’s why they called the study Hidden Hazards of Air Fresheners.

Here’s a list of some of the worst toilet sprays containing phthalates, as published by the Natural Resources Defence Council in the U.S.A.

* Air Wick Scented Oil

*Febreze NOTICEables Scented Oil

* Glade Air Infusions

* Glade Plugin Scented Oil

* Citrus Magic.

Now, if that is not a great reason to throw away toilet fresheners!

4. Being confident vs. embarrassed when using public toilets

Answer the call of nature without leaving an unpleasant whiff behind. The travel size/50ml Fynemists Pre-toilet Prevention Sprays are perfect to keep in your pocket/bag and to spritz before you use the public loo. Keep the mystery and leave the toilet smelling fresh and clean.

Spray the synthetic toilet spray at your own peril. The tell-tale toilet smell you leave behind will advertise the fact that you made a number two. It’s embarrassing and awkward for you and unpleasant for the next person who must use the toilet after you.

And there you have four great reasons to throw away toilet fresheners!

Please share your discovery with your friends and family and help us to get the message out there in the mainstream: The answer to fresh, fragrant, and clean bathrooms is Fynemists Pre-Toilet Prevention Sprays, the Mists to Keep the Mystery.

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