Tips for a Greener Lifestyle: Tip of the Week – Buy Local

Tips for a Greener Lifestyle: Tip of the Week - Buy Local

Tips for a greener lifestyle - Buy Local Two Fynemsits on top of mountain photo


  1. BE KIND TO OUR PLANET: Buying local lessens our carbon footprint. There is no need for burning fuel to ship or fly things across the globe to get to you when you can buy as good, if not better, close to home.

  2. BE ASSURED: You can trace your product from its origin to your door. You know where your products come from, if you’re buying e.g., organic, sustainable, and/or locally sourced ingredients, and if it’s a reputable business. And you don’t have far to go or send your product if there should there be a defect/problem.

  3. MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Through supporting and investing in local businesses, the demand for local products increases. To fulfil the demand, more jobs must be created. Local businesses and people benefit from the growth in our economy.

More reasons to buy Fynemists:

  • The Fynemists range of personal and home care products contain essential oils that are grown and harvested in Southern Africa. Just picture the rose geranium essential oil in your pre-toilet spray as its flowers are being harvested in a sunny spot somewhere in Southern Africa.

  • Fynemists are produced in Stellenbosch.

  • There are no comparable local products to Fynemists. Our Pre-toilet Prevention Sprays are 100% natural, healthy alternatives to toxic air fresheners, classically branded to suit the refined taste.

  • It’s easy on your purse. Fynemists Pre-toilet Prevention Sprays are very cost effective. A 200ml bottle will last a family of four for four months (when used as a pre-toilet spray, and according to the instructions).


Check your food and product labels. Where does your food come from? Who makes your facial toner? You can choose local home and body product brands and locally grown produce rather than their overseas counterparts. Buying local is really lekker and it’s all round beneficial for all of us.

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