What’s in the News? We are!

What's in the News? We are!

HOme Magazine Nov 2021 Front page
Read the English version here!
Fynemist Pre-Toilet sprays featured in Tuis / Home magazine
Read the Afrikaans version here!

What’s in the News?

We’re happy to report that we are! Fynemists feature in the October edition of Home/Tuis magazine, both in print and online.

We’d love the news to spread so that more and more consumers get to know our effective and healthy pre-toilet prevention sprays, how they work, and why they are the answer to keep your toilets smelling fresh and clean. Articles like the one in Home/Tuis inform consumers about innovative and effective choices for their homes and personal care. Thank you, Johanne @tuishomemag, for your lovely write up.

Not many people know that you can spray a product into the water of the toilet bowl and that it will prevent odours from escaping from the loo. We’re used to spraying toilet sprays after using the toilet. We all know they’re not effective, smell synthetic and yucky, and can be toxic, but do we know a better solution? Yes, the message is getting out there, we’re in the news, there’s growing awareness and consumers are starting to recognise and choose Fynemists for their bathrooms.

To learn about our Pre-Toilet Prevention sprays, visit here…

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