Who is behind Fynemists?

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“We have always believed in the power of natural products and minimizing the use of chemicals. We guarantee you the quality of each natural ingredient and the effectiveness of our finished products. We trust that you will love our products’ essential oil fragrances and enjoy their health and well-being enhancing properties.” If you have wondered who is behind Fynemists and are curious to see more about us and our inspiration, watch our video below and follow our Linkedin links!

How our natural and sustainable journey started...

Our journey started years ago in different places when we both wanted to find non-chemical products to use in our homes and on our newborn children.

Not being able to find any, we started researching and making our own…

And why was this important?

This is important because everything that we come into contact with influences us. If we use toxic products in our homes or on ourselves, we absorb those chemicals through our lungs, our eyes, our skins and our digestive tracts. These go straight into our bloodstreams.

There are countless side effects to using chemical products. They may cause skin or eye irritation, burns, or poisoning. In the long term, they damage our organs, weaken our immune systems, even cause cancer. They can also affect our children’s mental, physical and intellectual growth and well-being, to name just a few … So, it is a no-brainer to protect ourselves and our children.

So, what to do now?

When we started off more than a decade ago, it was hard to find information, let alone products containing natural ingredients, but the world has since moved in the right direction and so much more is available now, it is easy!

There are products and DIY options to suit every need – just start thinking about what you buy:

What are the ingredients?

What is it packaged in?

From where does it need to be shipped?

Can you refill the container and re-use it?

Can you re-use or repurpose the packaging?

Where is the packaging and leftover product going to end up?

Was it tested on animals?

Who made it and how were they treated?

And…Do I even need to buy all these products?

It is easy today to upgrade from outdated chemical products to effective, natural options.

So, why not do it? 

So, this is us!

We were both born and bred in Stellenbosch. After traveling and venturing off to other places, we both ended back here again. Upon meeting each other we realized we have lots in common!

Winnie studied science at the University of Stellenbosch, ending up with both M.Sc and MBA degrees. She started applying her studies in research and science 14 years ago to make natural products as she could not find any non-chemical, affordable products to use in her home and on her family.  She researched and experimented with various formulations to come up with effective, chemical-free home and beauty products.

Barbara’s achieved a BA degree, as well as a National Diploma  that qualified her as a health practitioner certified in Therapeutic massage (including essential oils), Kinesiology and Scio biofeedback. She also has years of experience in business and property consulting and management. 

Our mutual interests in natural health, sustainable and conscious living and our strong friendship, contributed to us joining forces and launching Fynemists in November 2020. 

Now that the world has embraced natural products and the healing benefits thereof, the time is right to introduce Fynemists to the wider South African market and the world!

Let Barbara introduce you to Fynemists

Come and join us on this exciting journey to live a healthier, natural, sustainable life – better for you and your family and the planet!

Natural Greetings!
Winnie & Barbara

Phone us: +27 82 564 8430

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Visit us: Simonswyk, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa

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